What To Do If I Am Not Able To Make Money From power lead system?

If you're struggling to make money with the Power Lead System, consider this step to enhance your results:

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When I make a sale that rolls up in the Power Lead System, do I lose all future commissions from what that person does?u!

No, you do not lose all future commissions. When a sale rolls up to your sponsor, you do lose the direct commission from that sale. However, you can still earn a 50% matching bonus on the commissions that the rolled-up sale generates. This means you earn 50% of whatever commissions that person makes, providing a continuous income stream from their success.

What happens if one of the sales that rolled up to my payline in the Power Lead System quits?

If a sale that rolled up to your payline quits, you will stop receiving the $20 monthly commission from that particular sale. However, the structure of the payline remains intact. Any sales that were made under that person that rolled up to you will still remain in your payline, and you will continue to earn commissions from those sales.


Do I make any money from affiliate fees in the Power Lead System?

Yes, you can earn from affiliate fees through the compensation plan. Affiliates can earn commissions on both direct referrals and roll-up sales. Additionally, the 50% matching bonus on the earnings of your direct referrals means you can benefit from their affiliate activities as well.

Can I just be a customer only in the Power Lead System?

  • Yes, you can choose to be a customer only, utilizing the marketing tools and resources provided by the Power Lead System without participating in the affiliate program. As a customer, you can access the suite of tools and training to enhance your marketing efforts without the obligation to recruit others.

What else do I get as an affiliate in the Power Lead System?

  • As an affiliate, you get access to all the marketing tools, training resources, and the compensation plan, which includes direct commissions, roll-up commissions, and various bonuses. Affiliates also benefit from advanced training and resources to help them effectively promote the system and maximize their earnings.

Is there any training on how to use the Power Lead System?

  • Yes, the Power Lead System provides comprehensive training on how to use its tools and resources effectively. This includes video tutorials, webinars, and step-by-step guides that cover various aspects of the system. The training ensures that users can fully utilize the platform's capabilities to achieve their marketing goals.