Hi, We’re Ishaan & Shaily

We are on a mission to help 100,000 People Live Financial Freedom By Having Consistent Stream Of Income.


Shaily & Me always wanted to build our own online business, we were scared but thrilled enough to take a RISK. Afterall, No RISK No GAIN.

So, we first started with Facebook Ads Agency, where we invested $5k in learning, but we failed. Then, with a heavy heart, we started learning ecommerce & dropshipping and invested around another $5k to learn that. We even started our own dropping store, but we didn’t get enough sales through our store, AGAIN we failed.

Then, we started researching about successful entrepreneurs and big marketers from all over the world, we found one thing in common that is they all have an EMAIL LIST.

So, we built our business keeping EMAILS as our Base, and that’s how we started Selling Solo ads.

So, If you are ready to build your own SUSTAINABLE online business Without Spending A Single Penny And With ZERO Experience, then I would like to personally invite you to my next live masterclass, where I will decode my “Solo Ads Lifestyle Model” system that’s helping people in making $3k-$5k A Month within 90 days of joining.

It’s my absolute passion and privilege to help people like you achieve their dreams. And I’m grateful that I get to do that every single day.

After COVID-19 where most offline businesses have shut down, the message from the God & the Universe is pretty much loud and clear. Now, you need to have a clear vision of your future, you want to create with best system for online business by using just your laptop and the internet!


If you nod up & down for any or all of the above, I assume that you’re ready to make

$3k-$5k+ per month consistently! AWESOME!! 

BUT.. Let me get straight to the point and warn you, while working from anywhere in the world sounds really fascinating but to make it big, you will need right mentor, right training, right guidance and right community.



Solo Ad Hub is a community especially made for young entrepreneurs who’re looking to discover their passion and turn it into profitable and sustainable online business.

Solo Ad Lifestyle is our online course which is crafted for people who want to make $3,000- $5000 per month, without chasing friends or family to join… with No list, No budget and No previous experience.

This system works 100%

It worked in 2013, works now in 2022 and will work for the next 20 years… as long as people will read emails.

Our mission is to help 100,000 People Live Financial Freedom By Having Consistent Stream Of Income.

We equip our students with the right strategies and skills that enable them to build the career of their dreams!


Join my Inner Circle Community to access the exact Knowledge, Support and Accountability you need to Franchise Your Business!

Looking For Hand Holding Training?

No worries, we can schedule a 30 mins free strategy call

(Worst Case Scenario, You'll End Up Wasting 30 Mins Of Your Time)

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Ishaan & Shaily are one of those people who I can trust and call real good mentors. Their Solo Ads Lifestyle Model course is a power pack to learn about Solo ads. I personally, highly appreciate and recommend this to young entrepreneurs.

Terence O'Rourke

I’ve seen a lot of online courses on digital marketing but this one is most promising as it covers all the topics and success strategies needed. I Made $2800 in the my 2nd month. Anyone looking to build a career in the solo ads market should definitely opt for these courses!

Sunit Angra

Man oh man these two people have changed my life with this course of Solo Ads Set Up challenge. I’m so glad I enrolled myself for it!!!  I am now doing about 4 figures now and working to achieve 5 figure by 2021 end. Really grateful…

Davis Patterson

still not convinced?

look for more

the information you are teaching me is incredible

the previous coaches gave no training like the tremendous value you have given me.

On the right track to make my 1st $500 with solo ads!!!

please do with priority . i love this training

I Just Got Another Sale & thanks For superb mentorship

I Just Got 100c order yesterday

A Big thankyou to ishaan for his coaching program.

A Big Thank You To ishaan narang and shaily gupta for their course

I was able to make $400 within my first 25 days selling solo ads.

Within a month of taking thecoures, i had earned over $2785 by selling ads.

Now i'm making a consistent $3500/month from the past 3 months, Because of this course.

Looking For Hand Holding Training?

No worries, we can schedule a 30 mins free strategy call

(Worst Case Scenario, You'll End Up Wasting 30 Mins Of Your Time)

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