Email Marketing Trends To Look after in 2023

Are you ready to prepare your email marketing strategy for 2023?

Here you go, with the latest email marketing trends that you should look after this year to grow your business.

We all know email marketing is the Goliath of marketing channels with the highest ROI of $42 for every dollar spent but if you need to stay on top of your game and your audiences’ inbox, you need to keep honing your skills and strategies. So here are the new email marketing trends that you need to look after in 2023.

Privacy Is The Priority

Privacy Protection Remains Top Email Marketing Trend

According to an NTT Report, only 8% of consumers trust brands to keep their data safe.

In every part of the world, if you send marketing emails, you have to follow a certain set of rules like the CAN-SPAM act in the US, CASL laws in Canada, and TRAI act in India

These rules may differ from country to country but one rule is universal in the world of email marketing which is the data protection rule.

You can not add people to your email list and send emails against their will. This will not only hurt your sender score but you may also have to pay a hefty amount of fine.

So you need to take your email receivers’ privacy and preferences in account seriously if you haven’t already. And an opt-in form is not enough to make sure that people actually want to receive your emails.

You can keep your email list clean and full of people who genuinely want to receive your emails by doing a few changes. Like —

  • Add a double opt-in system to make sure only interested people join your list.
  • Always provide the unsubscribe button so that your subscribers don’t see your emails as a burden and can opt-out according to their will.
  • Serve the relevant content that your users expected at the time of opting for your emails.
  • Segment your list into smaller sections to provide relevant and personalized content.

Following these email marketing best practices will not only build trust with your subscribers but will also make your list more targeted and eventually this will make your email campaign perform better.

Open Rates Are Gone Days

iSO15 privacy update changed email marketing trends

Email open rates have been a significant metric for a long time as email marketers can understand a lot about their subscribers by tracking the open rates and other significant analytics like the location where the email has been opened and the device on which it is opened.

This is possible due to the invisible pixels used in email marketing software. But after the launch of iOS 15 this year, this tracking strategy failed. Because Apple updated its privacy policy to protect its users’ data from third-party apps.

This new update prevents senders from sending tracking pixels in emails so the sender can’t know when and where the email is opened. So it surely gonna affect the email marketing trends in 2023 as there are more than 1 billion iPhone users in the world out of which 89% have updated to iOS 15.

So now as an email marketer, you have to figure out a new analytic strategy to adapt to iOS 15’s new privacy update.

Up Your Personalization Game

Up Your Personalization Game

In 2023, putting your subscriber’s name in the subject isn’t enough. You need to hyper-personalize your emails to make them more relevant to your audience.

In fact, according to stats, 46% of engagement rates increase with personalized content. Without personalized content and subject lines, your emails will land in either spam box or promotions where they remain unopened.

And to personalize in a better way just mentioning your subscriber’s name is not sufficient. To hyper-personalize you need to draft data-driven emails.

Like you can start by creating a buyer’s persona of your target audience if you’re a beginner or you can go a step further and use pixels to discover customer behavior and then send them personalized emails based on their behavior and actions.

Automation is Never Out of Fashion

Automation is Never Out of Fashion

Automation isn’t a new email marketing trend but it is for sure gonna rule in 2023 as well. In fact, according to stats, automated emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated emails.

Automated emails let you have more control over your drip emails and campaigns. You can not only control the timing and triggers, as to when an email should be sent but also you can have more control over what to send to a particular segment of your list.

This will allow you to enhance the performance of any campaign and you can even A/B test things using automation to see what works best for you.

Redesign Your Emails

Redesign Your Emails

In 2023, you need to redesign your emails because no more over-cluttered, irrelevant details make your reader engage with your emails. Plus, a huge number of 81% of email users check their emails on smartphones so your emails should be well-optimized for mobile devices.

Recently, Apple launched a dark mode for its iPhone users so email marketers need to adapt to that too. But most importantly you should design your emails keeping the user experience in mind.

Follow these email designing trends to keep your emails shinning in the eyes of your subscribers.

  • Keep the design clean and minimalistic to make the message clear to user and avoid unwanted details.
  • Make sure the design is compatible for every device especially, mobiles.
  • Use interactive designs to catch user’s attention and increase email engagement.

Rethink Your Emails

Rethink Your Emails

Email designs are one thing but the most important thing for which anyone wants to join your email list or subscribe to your newsletters is the content!

In fact, most people join your list to get information or something valuable from your emails and it becomes your duty to deliver them what they ask to keep them on your list.

So you need to rethink your content strategy to put your best foot forward and make your subscribers stay. Some of the email trends to follow in 2023 are —

  • Use storytelling to create a connection with readers.
  • Use drip emails
  • Leverage newsletters 
  • Use relevant GIFs, graphics, and video content to make your emails more engluing.
  • Put emotions in your emails so the readers can connect and engage with your content.
  • Use various interactive content forms like polls, surveys, and games in your emails. 

Omnichannel Approach

Omnichannel Approach

Omnichannel marketing is the marketing approach in which all marketing channels are used in sync with each other and email marketing can be a great centerpiece of this whole omnichannel system.

In this marketing approach, you need to be active on multiple marketing channels in full sail. You can combine multiple social media channels, SEO, and paid marketing with your email marketing and build a leak-proof marketing system.

Newsletters Are Here to Stay

Newsletters Are Here to Stay

Another email marketing trend that you need to stick to in 2023 is the use of newsletters. Email newsletters aren’t any new shiny toy for marketers and brands but not everybody knows how to play it right.

So to prepare your future email marketing strategy, you need to learn the right use of newsletters. One example that I remember of the disastrous use of newsletter was when I bought a new bedtable online to work from home, the company I bought it from asked me to join their newsletter which I did like 90% of Americans. 

But eventually, I unsubscribed because they kept sending me emails about bed tables only. I mean okay, I bought one but that doesn’t mean I’ll start collecting bed tales.

So that’s a mistake that the marketing team of that company was making by not using their newsletters in the right way. They could’ve suggested other complimentary products but instead, I kept getting automated emails promoting a thing that I’d just bought.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Leverage User-Generated Content

Content is the king. *Rewrite* User-generated content is the King. Any kind of user-generated content whether it is a long written client testimonial or just a shout-out on social media makes more impact than any other kind of content.

Social proofs like feedback messages, testimonials, review videos, or case studies play very well in converting new subscribers into customers.

Because user-generated content act as word of mouth in building trust in the audience. Research shows, people who view user-generated content have a conversion rate of 5.6%. While those who don’t have a 2.1% conversion rate.

End Thoughts on Email Marketing Trends

These were the new email marketing trends that you need to look after in 2023. Changing your strategy with the change in industry trends is a necessity if you want to stay in the competition.

And especially in 2023, the landscape of email marketing is slightly but surely gonna change so you need to adapt to all these new changes to maintain your campaign performance high.

But no matter how much the trends fluctuate one thing is for sure email marketing will continue to be the leading marketing channel as always because emails are evergreen.

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