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Solo Ads Lifestyle Model

Solo Ads Lifestyle Model is the best training in the world, when it comes to building a sustainable online business. If you want to enjoy financial freedom, if you want to enjoy a consistent stream of income and if you want to live your life on your own terms, then this is the best business model to be in.

Solo Ads Set Up Challenge

Solo Ads Setup Challenge is the best training in the world, when it comes to building a sustainable online business. As this is the step by step by step tactical implementation which you will learn inside this course. If you want to enjoy financial freedom, if you want to enjoy a consistent stream of income and if you want to live your life on your own terms, then this is the best business model to be in.

Solo Ads Business Blueprint

This is an exclusive course & a blueprint by Ishaan & Shaily, who have been selling solo ads for over 5 years now. After successfully selling it, they are now helping Entrepreneurs and Young Professionals in making 5 Figure income. They are on a mission to help 100,000 people live financial freedom by having a consistent stream of income.

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Terence O'Rourke

Ishaan & Shaily are one of those people who I can trust and call real good mentors. Their Solo Ads Lifestyle Model course is a power pack to learn about Solo ads. I personally, highly appreciate and recommend this to young entrepreneurs.

Sunit Angra

I’ve seen a lot of online courses on digital marketing but this one is most promising as it covers all the topics and success strategies needed. I Made $2800 in the my 2nd month. Anyone looking to build a career in the solo ads market should definitely opt for these courses!

Davis Patterson

Man oh man these two people have changed my life with this course of Solo Ads Set Up challenge. I’m so glad I enrolled myself for it!!! I am now doing about 4 figures now and working to achieve 5 figure by 2021 end. Really grateful…

Know About Mentors

Hi, We are Ishaan and Shaily. Here is our story, How we start this profession. We started our journey as an student in 2014 after that we are start our first venture in 2015 which is drop shipping business.

It went fine for a while but there is already a lot of competition in that industry and it’s not as easy for a beginner. So, unfortunately, we faced failure. And nobody likes failure.

But we couldn’t give up there. So we started another venture in 2016. Which is Facebook Ads. But to starting that business we don’t have a capital. so I had to borrow a capital from my friend.

However, we managed to make enough money to pay the debt but that wasn’t enough to count as profit. And you know, how it feels when you try your best but still couldn’t make it.

You see other people on the internet hitting success and living their best life. And we were trying so hard but were unable to make it. At that time, we were almost broke and giving up.

But right now after getting over that phase after having our own 6 Figure business. I can say to anybody dealing with the same situation, just don’t give up.

We were burned out. We wanted to know how things are working for other successful people in the online business. So in 2016, we started researching what’s common in all the big fishes or digital marketing.

So we researched more everything there ever existed about email traffic. And we stepped upon a hidden source of traffic that hadn’t been talked about on social media. And it was a Solo Ad. I know still many of you might not know about solo ads.

We are Solo Ads Marketer with 6+ years of experience and have worked with many established and emerging businesses. Along with this, We have trained/educated 3000+ students all across the world.

After managing and guiding several clients and students, We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

We are the best in this business and making 5-6 figures of income every month. We will guide you how you will start earning your 5-6 figures income with in less then 6 months.

And will provide you our support and experience. So you will never face anything like we was faced in past. Our support system always there for you in any kind of support.

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Do you guarantee sales?

The simple truth is that no one can guarantee sales ( I wish I could because my job would be easier). There are numerous factors besides traffic that go into making sales like your sales copy, email follow up, price point, the offer itself, etc. What I can guarantee is I will send you fresh, high-quality leads that are warmed up to your niche and looking to buy products like yours, based on their past history. And I’ll even overdeliver so you have an even better chance, at my own expense.

Can you help me track opt-in rates?

Tracking email opt-ins is very easy. You can either do it by using a capture page builder software or by using a tracking software. I will be happy to show you how to use either or both. Just contact me using the form above.

How big is/are your email list(s)?

Since mastering the art and science of email lead generation, I’ve grown several lists to the tune of hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Plus, I manage other people’s email lists, who occasionally offer solo ads but don’t openly talk about it. We can scale this big, if you’ve got the budget to match your ambition.

Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes. Your order can be refunded before your solo ad campaign has started. If you’d like to stop your solo ad campaign mid-way through – I’m sorry, I won’t be able to do that or offer you a full refund. If you’re unsatisfied with your order, I promise to work with you and on some occasions to resend your order for free, but all sales are final and no refunds will be given on completed solo ad campaigns, because of the obvious costs incurred on my end.

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