What is Bridge Page ?

If you want to know what is a bridge page, read closely because a bridge page can be a major factor that can make or break your affiliate marketing business and boost your conversions.

It is highly important as it actually acts as a bridge that can lead a prospect to become your paying customer. So read on to know more about the concept of a bridge page and how you can use it to increase your conversions.

Concept Of Bridge Page

Concept Of Bridge Page

It is a web page that comes after the captcha page but before the sales page. As defined by Google Adwords Bridge pages are “websites whose sole purpose is to drive traffic to another site.”

It serves as a great way to drive traffic to sales pages from an affiliate page. Therefore, many affiliate marketers employ it in their sales funnel to get more conversions.

The whole concept of having a bridge page is to pre-frame the audience for what they are going to have on your sales page.

This means, it provides the visitors with a glimpse of your affiliate product or offer.

Bridge Page vs Landing Page

Although, bridge page and landing page can sound synonyms especially when you’re a beginner in this digital marketing world.

But both these web pages are slightly different from the other and serve different purposes.

1. Bridge Page

As mentioned above, a bridge page is a web page whose sole purpose is to drive traffic to the main sales page.

It can have a piece of slight information about your affiliate offer and a link to redirect the visitors to the main sales page.

2. Landing Page

A landing page is defined as a single-page website that consists of vital information about your offer and a sign-up form.

Its main purpose is to get the personal information of the visitors such as their names and email addresses.

We can distinguish between a bridge page and a landing page with the help of the following points

1. Purpose

Bridge pages are used to direct traffic to a third-party sales site whereas landing pages are used to send targeted PPC traffic and capture email addresses of prospects.

2. Elements

A landing page must have a sign-up form but a bridge page doesn’t need it as it is made to drive traffic to the sales page.

3. Position in the Sales Funnel

Generally, a landing page comes before a bridge page in a sales funnel. While the bridge page is set between the landing page and the sales page. This setting is often called bridge page funnel.

How to Create A Bridge Page

It can be quite easily as these single web pages don’t take much of your time and effort. You can try the following tools to help you create your bridge page.

1. ClickFunnel

ClickFunnel is one of the most popular bridge page creators available out there. It is a great platform that enables you with useful tools to build bridge pages, captcha pages, and landing pages.

It basically can take care of your entire sales funnel as it has a feature to easily integrate with your email provider.

2. LeadPages

It is another easy-to-use page builder platform that allows you to choose from several templates to create your customized bridge page.

And not just a bridge page, you can also build a captcha page/landing page or a whole website with the help of this amazing platform called LeadPages.

3. BuilderAll

From websites to chatbots, Builderall actually can build them all. You can also find many bridge page templates there that can help you create one real quick and easy.

Essentials of A Bridge Page

This Page has quite little content as it is a simple and short web page. It only focuses on driving traffic to the sales page.

But, there are some essential elements that your bridge page must have to drive more traffic and get you more conversions.

Following are the essential elements that an ideal bridge page must have

  • Headline : Your bridge page must have a catchy headline that grabs the attention of a visitor.
  • A Glimpse of Your Offer : It should provide a free sneak-peek of the main offer on your bridge page. This could be in the form of text, imagery, or video content according to your offer.
  • Call to Action : The most important element of a bridge page is the action button (or link) that drives to the sales page of your affiliate product. Your CTA (Call to Action) should be clear and attention-grabbing so that your visitor can know what to do next without any confusion or hindrance.
  • Text Content :Another thing that it must have is a little introduction about you. Also, the content must contain a reason as to why a prospect should buy your product. This can boost your conversions immensely.

How to Use A Bridge Page

There can be so many ways in which you can use a bridge page to increase your conversions.

Here are the top three ways that you can try

1. Offer a Demo

You must have seen many websites offering a demo for their affiliate product. It is a great way to show your audience exactly what they’re about to have in your main offer.

2. Write Reviews 

You can write a review for your affiliate product which is a popular way to utilize your bridge page. Because people tend to trust a product more if it is referred to them by someone who has already used it.

3. Create an Unboxing Video

A lot of businesses especially eCommerce businesses employ this technique as this is particularly suitable for physical products So if you affiliate physical products, this is the best way for you to use a bridge page to its fullest.

And a great thing about using videos is people find video content more engaging than any other form of content.

4. Tell Your Story

This way is effective if you are promoting a service that you can not explain in a demo video or for which you definitely can not make an unboxing video.

For example, if you provide digital products or services (like we provide solo ads services), you can tell your own story or your client’s story for whom your services have worked well in the past.

This increases your audiences’ trust in you and your offer and hence can increase your conversions.

End Thought

In the end, now that you know what exactly is a bridge page and how you can use it to increase your conversions, it’s your turn now to take advantage of using this little but effective step in your sales funnel.

Plus now that you know the right elements of a bridge page, you can create an effective one for yourself easily.

So best of luck with your business’s new level and thanks for reading.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the bridge page?

It is is a web page that comes after the captcha page and before the sales page. It is used to drive traffic to the main sales page.

How do I create a bridge page?

You can use tools or platforms like ClickFunnel, LeadPages, or BuilderAll to create your bridge page.

What is a bridge page in sales funnel?

This is an important step of a sales funnel that can affect your conversions and filter the leads that come to your main sales page.

What is the difference between a landing page and a bridge page?

A landing page is created with an aim to capture leads and it comes before the bridge page. While it is designed with a purpose to redirect traffic to the sales page.

What is a bridge funnel?

Bridge Funnel is a strategy of using bridge pages to pre-frame your audience for your affiliate offer.

How do you make a bridge funnel?

You can make a bridge funnel easily by creating a bridge page. You can use some tools like ClickFunnel or LeadPages to build your bridge funnel.

Are bridge page and affiliate marketing the same?

This is a part of affiliate marketing as many affiliate marketers use them to boost their conversions but affiliate marketing isn’t just limited to bridge pages. It is a quite wider term.

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