9 tips to Master Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest yet the most powerful marketing channel amongst all the channels available out there. But to Master Email Marketing you should know some tips and tricks.

Because it’s not that easy and just sending out some emails here and there won’t pay your business in the long run. 

If you are looking for a more engaging and sales-generating email marketing strategy read on to check out 9 easy and effective tips that can help you become a master email marketer.

1. Planning Before Doing

Just like you need planning in every other aspect of your business, you need planning in your email marketing system too.

Because planning out an email campaign can help you in so many ways like:

  • It can make you more productive as a marketer
  • Help you in formulating better email campaigns
  • Save up your time
  • Help in generating more engaging email

To Master your email marketing you need to keep the following things in mind so that you can plan accordingly.

Know Your Readers

Clearly, if you know your readers better and plan your email campaign according to their interests and expectations, you will be generating more engagement and sales.

Plan to purpose of your campaign

To make a successful campaign you should know the primary purpose of it. Like if you want to sell right through the email or if you want the readers to click through your affiliate link or if the purpose of your email is to ask for reviews or feedback.

Specify your goals

Set your specific goals like achieving a 40% open rate or retaining 20% more subscribers etc. This will help you track the results of each campaign separately.

Therefore, to master your email marketing you definitely  need to plan before getting into your emailing process.

2. Segment your Email List

Segmenting an email list is an email marketing strategy that many smart marketers use to make their emails more targeted. 

Using this email marketing tip, as the name suggests, you can segment your email list into two or more sub-lists on the basis of some common characteristics that your subscribers have.

You can segment your email list on some of the following basis:

  • Audience Demographics : 
    The most common way of segmenting an email list is dividing it on the basis of some basic audience demographics like age, gender, income level, etc.
  • Geographical Location : 
    This is another commonly used way of segmenting email lists. You can segment your list according to the location of your subscribers which can make a lot of difference for your email campaigns.ender, income level, etc.
  • Common Interest :  
    You can also segment your email list on the basis of the subscriber’s common interest. Like what products they are interested in.
  • Position in Your Sales Funnel :
    A lot of marketers divide their lists according to the position of their subscribers in their sales funnel. Like you can keep all the newbie prospects in one segment and all the repeating customers in a different segment so that you can promote different offers to them accordingly.
  • On the Basis of Quiz/Surveys :
    You can give out some quizzes or surveys to your email subscribers to know them better as this knowledge will help you to segment them according to their different tastes.
  • On the Basis of Response of Customers :
    Many marketers prefer to segment their email list on the basis of the response of their customers. You can try this too by putting more engaging subscribers in one segment and less responsive in the other.

Segmenting the email list helps in creating more targeted email campaigns and thus it makes a master email marketing strategy.

3. Send Personalized Emails

Here are some quick tips to personalize your emails :

  • Call Them By Their Name : 
    Using a readers’ name in the subject line can make your emails much more personalized and appealing and this will increase your open rates.
  • Send Triggered Emails :
    Sending emails triggered by some specific event or action performed by customers is a great way to let them know, you know them and this makes your emails more personalized for them.

Another way to master your email marketing is by personalizing your emails. Making your emails more personalized for your subscribers can immensely increase your open rates and engagements.

  • Sending Milestone or Anniversary Emails :
    Sending birthday emails, business anniversary emails, or a special email on completing a certain milestone of customership to loyal customers makes a good personalizing effect.

4. Include A Clear Call-To-Action

The whole point of email marketing is to convince the customers to perform the required action through emails. That action could be anything from making a purchase to downloading a piece of content.

To make the customer perform the action you want, it is necessary that your emails include a loud and clear CTA (Call-to-Action) button.

Here are some things to keep in mind to make your CTAs more effective :

1.Use a Button :
Although you can use hyperlink text for CTAs, especially in the case of affiliate marketing. But it is suggested to create your CTA in a button form that can draw more customer attention.2

2Make It Stand Out :
Make your CTA button stand out using catchy lines, bold colors, and adequate size.

3Number of CTA(s) :
It is advised not to get overwhelmed and place too many CTAs in one email. This can confuse your reader so placing 1 or at most 2 CTA buttons is sufficient for an email.s, and adequate size.

4.Position of CTA :
Some marketers prefer to place their CTA button at the top of their email; others like it to be at the very bottom. Both ways are correct though. You can choose it according to your offer. Or the best you can do is place two CTAs, one at the top, other at the bottom.

5. Pay Attention To Your Subject Line

Subject line is something that you can’t ignore if you want to master your email marketing game. The subject line is like the introduction of your email so it is highly important to make it right.

Here are the must-haves of an appealing subject line :

  • It should be Catchy that it appeals to your subscriber to open the email.
  • It should be at least 6 to 10 words long
  • Your subject line must generate curiosity
  • It should be unique
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Relevant to your email content

Since, your subject line can make a big difference in your open rates, you should strive to make it more catchy and attractive.

6. Write a Concise Email Copy

After the subject of your email, it comes the content copy of your email. It is advised to write your emails in a concise form and not to make them too long.

It is due to the fact that people today live a very busy life and they might not have enough time to read your whole email word-by-word.

Therefore, try writing a concise email copy that contains just the right amount of information about your offer. But we are not asking you to leave your creative writing, just don’t overdo it by making your email too long of a story.

7. Use Visual Content in Your Emails

Visuals are more powerful than words. Therefore, do not be afraid of using some eye-candy visual content in your emails.

You can add some photos, GIFs, or even short videos that can make your emails look more attractive and hence make them more engaging.

So if you want to master your email marketing, don’t miss out on adding visual content to your emails.

8. Do Giveaways

A giveaway is a marketing strategy of giving out free stuff to new customers as bait or to loyal customers as a reward.

You must have seen a lot of marketers doing this on social media but you can also use this strategy in your email marketing.

Giveaway is a great strategy to easily gain and retain customers through email marketing. And you can do it by offering a free trial or by giving out samples or merchandise or even an exclusive  piece of content that your subscribers might find valuable.

9. Scrubbing Your Emails List

Another master trick that you can use to make your email marketing more effective is scrubbing your email list from time to time.

It is a process of removing inactive or incorrect email addresses from your list. It is a highly recommended email marketing strategy used by many email marketers.

And yes, maybe it will make your email list shorter but after scrubbing your list, you’ll be left with a more engaging and converting email list that will surely boost your sales.

End Thought

As the bottom line, we would only conclude that you should try all these email marketing tips if you want to master your email marketing.

These tips are immensely helpful and will give you real results in the form of more engagements, more click-throughs, and more sales.

And these are really simple and easy to apply strategies that you can practice in your daily emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 9 tips for email success?

9 best email marketing tips are:

  • Planning
  • Segmenting your email lists.
  • Send Personalized Emails
  • Include a clear CTA
  • Write a catchy subjected line .
  • Write a concise email copy.
  • Use Visual Content
  • Giveaway
  • Scrubbing your Email List .
How do you master email marketing?

You can master email marketing by following the above-given list of the 9 best email marketing practices.

What are the best tips for email marketing success?

Some of the best tips for email marketing are Writing catchy subject lines, list segmenting, scrubbing email list, and using visual content in your emails.

What are the best tips for email marketing success?

Some of the best tools for email marketing are Writing catchy subject lines, list segmenting, scrubbing email list, and using visual content in your emails.

What is an email strategy?

An email strategy is a procedure that an email marketer follows in order to achieve their organisational goal.

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